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UT2004 :: Actor >> Pawn >> Vehicle >> KVehicle (Package: Engine)

The K in KVehicle stands for Karma, and this class is controlled by some native Karma functions. The KVehicle extends Vehicle, which extends Pawn, and so gets a lot of stuff from Pawn, like Health.

See KVehicle (UT2003) for the UT2003 version of this class.

See SVehicle for the base class of vehicles used in UT2004.


FilterFrames = 5 
The length of the CameraHistory array. (see Other Properties below)


KVehicle Group[edit]

bool bAutoDrive 
If set to True, the steering is set to 1 and the Throttle to 0.4 when there is no driver
class<Actor> DestroyEffectClass 
The class of the effect that is spawned when the vehicle is destroyed

Other Properties[edit]

bool bHistoryWarmup 
The history isn't filled
bool bVehicleIsFiring 
If is True then the driver wants to fire
bool bVehicleIsAltFiring 
If is True then the driver wants to altfire
vector CameraHistory[FilterFrames
Keeps track of the last few camera look-at positions in order to smooth them in SpecialCalcView.
int NextHistorySlot 
The next slot that has to be filled with in the camera history


Inherited From Actor[edit]

Destroyed() (simulated) 
Vehicle is destroyed, remove attached stuff, create effect, set factory vehicle count -1 (if any)
TakeDamage( int Damage, Pawn instigatedBy, vector hitlocation, vector momentum, class<DamageType> damageType ) 
Only calls super class implementation.
Tick( float deltaSeconds ) (simulated) 
Overridden with no code.

Inherited From Pawn[edit]

bool SpecialCalcView( out Actor ViewActor, out vector CameraLocation, out rotator CameraRotation ) (simulated) 
When bSpecialCalcView is True, this function is called to set the position of the camera. Uses CameraHistory to smooth look-at position over a few frames.

Inherited From Vehicle[edit]

ClientKDriverEnter( PlayerController PC ) (simulated, replicated to client) 
Driver enters, called also on clients, mainly sets HUD
ClientKDriverLeave( PlayerController PC ) (simulated, replicated to client) 
Driver leaves, called also on clients, mainly resets HUD
KDriverEnter( Pawn P ) 
Driver enters, sets the controller to the vehicle, and attaches the pawn to the car
bool KDriverLeave( bool bForceLeave ) 
Driver leaves, The driver exits at the 1st possible exit pos (not blocked) and the controller is attached to it.
TryToDrive( Pawn P ) 
Called when someone tries to get in

New Functions[edit]

GraphData( string DataName, float DataValue ) (native, final) 
"Useful function for plotting data to real-time graph on screen."
KVehicleUpdateParams() (simulated) 
Used to update the vehicles Para on all the attached actors (like wheels)
An event, called when a new state is received, implemented in subclass : (comment says in VehicleState, but KVehicle doesn't have a VehicleState (Given that this is an event called from native code, and the superclass of KVehicle has nativereplication, it seems likely that VehicleState is a native struct.))

Known Subclasses[edit]

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