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Object >> BrushBuilder >> VolumetricBuilder (Package: Editor)

The Volumetric brushbuilder is one of the built-in UnrealEd brushbuilders. It is the button on the bottom right of the builder section of Unreal Ed.

It is used for making decorations like torches and chains. Just pick a texture and click and it will for 2 sheets that intersect each other at 90 degrees in the middle.


These properties are available to edit.

float Height 
float Radius 
int NumSheets 
name GroupName 


BuildVolumetric( int Direction, int NumSheets, float Height, float Radius ) 
bool Build() 
If NumSheets is less than 2, Height or Radius is less than or equal to zero, returns BadParameters(). Otherwise, calls BeginBrush( true, GroupName ), BuildVolumetric( +1, NumSheets, Height, Radius ) and returns EndBrush().