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Object >> WebResponse

An object representing a response to a WebRequest.


private native const int ReplacementMap[5] 
const config string IncludePath 
WebConnection Connection 
bool bSentText 
bool bSentResponse 


Native functions[edit]

native final function Subst (string Variable, string Value, optional bool bClear) 
native final function ClearSubst ( ) 
native final function IncludeUHTM (string Filename) 
native final function IncludeBinaryFile (string Filename) 


event SendText (string Text, optional bool bNoCRLF) 
event SendBinary (int Count, byte B[255]) 

Other functions[edit]

function FailAuthentication (string Realm) 
Send HTTP 401 (Unauthorized).
function HTTPResponse (string Header) 
function HTTPHeader (string Header) 
Send HTTP header.
function HTTPError (int ErrorNum, optional string Data) 
Send HTTP 400 (Bad Request), 401 (Unauthorized) or 404 (Not found).
function SendStandardHeaders (optional string ContentType) 
Respond with HTTP 200 (OK) and send the engine's version and the content-type.
function Redirect (string URL) 
Respond with HTTP 302 (Document moved) and redirect to another URL.