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UT2004 :: Actor >> Pawn >> UnrealPawn >> xPawn >> xMutantPawn (Package: BonusPack)

This is the modified player Pawn used in the Mutant gametype introduced in UT2004. It allows for Mutant skin and particles.


All properties are hidden.

MutantGameReplicationInfo MutantGRI 
This is so the pawn can know if its the mutant...
bool bMutantEffect 
Current Mutant
bool bOldMutantEffect 
Was Mutant
Emitter MutantFX 
The Emitter for Mutant particle effects.


Set bAlreadyDead if Health <= 0. Decrement Health by 1. If not bAlreadyDead and if Health <= 0, set TearOffMomentum = vect(0, 0, 0) and call Died( None, class'DamTypeMutant', Location).
TickFX( float DeltaTime ) (simulated) 
Call Super.TickFX(DeltaTime). If MutantGRI.MutantPRI != None and MutantGRI.MutantPRI == PlayerReplicationInfo, set bMutantEffect to true. Otherwise set bMutantEffect to false. Set bScriptPostRender = ((Level.GRI != None) && (PlayerReplicationInfo == MutantGameReplicationInfo(Level.GRI).BottomFeederPRI)). If bMutantEffect is true and bOldMutantEffect is false, set MutantFX = Spawn(class'BonusPack.MutantGlow', self, , Location) and set MutantFX.Emitters[0].SkeletalMeshActor = self, MutantFX.SetLocation(Location - vect(0, 0, 49)), MutantFX.SetRotation(Rotation + rot(0, -16384, 0)) and MutantFX.SetBase(self) to add the Mutant effects. Otherwise if bMutantEffect is false and bOldMutantEffect is true, set MutantFX.Emitters[0].SkeletalMeshActor = None, call MutantFX.Kill() and set MutantFX = None to remove the Mutant effects. Set bOldMutantEffect = bMutantEffect.
Destroyed() (simulated) 
If MutantFX != None, set MutantFX.Emitters[0].SkeletalMeshActor = None, call MutantFX.Kill() and set MutantFX = None. Call Super.Destroyed().


If Role == ROLE_Authority and Level.Game =! None, set MutantGRI to MutantGameReplicationInfo(Level.Game.GameReplicationInfo).

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