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This index[edit]

It's got to the point where we have SO MANY pages for apps on this wiki. There's official stuff like UPaint, homemade like Umake and UnCodeX, stuff that's not really Unreal related but that we recommend as useful... basically, this MeatBall:ForwardIndex is becoming too hard to maintain; and it's getting too long to digest. So maybe we should switch to a reverse index and create Category:Legacy Application. Keep forward indexes for specific areas, such as Texture Editing Program, or UnrealScript Editors. Any thoughts on this?

Mych: Application might have subpages, for that matter.

Tarquin: here's my plan:

1. type pages[edit]

Specialized forward indexes for different types of app, such as

... and so on. These names can be easily back-linked from pages for specific apps:

foo is an IDE bla bla bla

2 parent page[edit]

This page remains a parent page that leads to the above type pages. any apps that don't get listed on a type page stay here.

3 reverse index[edit]

Use Category:Legacy Application so we can generate a flat list of all applications discussed on the wiki

How does that sound?

Tarquin: no opinions? I'll take that as a unanimous yes then

Wormbo: Sounds good to me, so if you need an explicit "yes", you got mine. :)

Ch3z: Those Type Pages maybe need a sufix like, "TextureEdit_Apps", "IDE_Apps", "TextEdit_Apps", "ModelEdit_Apps", "ModelConvert_Apps"? Or maybe a prefix?

Bob_The_Beheader: I've noticed when adding a program to the Graphics_Application page, some of the programs already listed don't have there own page, and therefore can't be listed on the Category_Application page. Should seperate pages be made for these apps, or are users expected to follow the link to the Application page?

Tarquin: Depends if there's anything interesting to say about the app. is Application not prominent enough?

Bob_The_Beheader: Tarquin is what ive just done with adding the link to the Text Editor page what you are talking about for Type Pages in step one?

Discussion on Legacy pages[edit]

Why are you people discussing this stuff on the page instead of on the talk page for this page? (i.e. the "discussion" tab) —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 01:00, 12 November 2010

Because there was no other way when the comments were added, the UseMod Wiki software didn't provide namespaces. Different question: Why do you reply to a two year old discussion and don't even sign your comment properly? —Wormbo 05:46, 12 November 2010 (UTC)