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Ike Bart: I first thought it was something that only works when triggered like the PressureZone

Ike Bart: For some odd reason, scripted pawns that touch the TriggeredDeath come back as ghosts after you die. The only way to kill them off without using any commands to get rid of pawns is to hit them with certain weapons from the U4et mod for UT.

Wormbo: TriggeredDeath uses the victim's HidePlayer() method after calling Died(), maybe this messes up the Pawn's states.

RenameMe - TriggeredDeath(UT)

BTW - Could we actually create that WikiTag?

Tarquin: Sure. But I thought this was a UT-only class



Fix for UnrealShare.TriggeredDeath: if touching Actor is a ScriptedPawn, it
will be destroyed.
class TriggeredDeathSB extends TriggeredDeath;
auto state Enabled {
	function Touch(Actor Other) {
		if (ScriptedPawn(Other) != None)

Simple replacement for the ScriptedPawn-Does-not-get-killed bug. --SeriousBarbie (talk) 20:13, 21 October 2016 (EDT)