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UE1:RMusic Controller

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This class is part of RMusicPlayer by Raven


RMusic_Controller is part of RMusicPlayer beta. It controls RMusic_Player.


In ActorBrowser find Actor->RMusic_Component->RMusic_Controller, place it on map and configure it.

RMusic_Controller properties[edit]

You can configure following properties:

Name: PlayerClass

Type: class<RMusic_Player>

Description: Player class (if you want to have own music directory)

Name: RMusic_File

Type: string

Description: Music file to play

Name: RMusic_PlayAtStartup

Type: bool

Description: Should it be played at level start

Name: RMusic_MuteUMX

Type: bool

Description: If true will mute all music in umx files

Name: RMusic_BroadcastToAll

Type: bool

Description: If true, it'll broadcast functions to all players

Name: RMusic_bUnloadPreviousDSP

Type: bool

Description: If true, all DSP plugins will be unloaded

Name: RMusic_bOwnFadeUpdateTime

Type: bool

Description: If true, RMusic_OwnFadeUpdateTime will be used instead of default FaderUpdateTime in RMusic_Player

Name: RMusic_OwnFadeUpdateTime

Type: float

Description: Defines how fast music will fade in/out

Name: RMusic_bUseSaveControl

Type: bool

Description: If true, special RMusic_Save will be spawned to track last used controller

Name: Action

Type: ENum


  • AC_Play - Plays music
  • AC_Stop - Stops music
  • AC_ShutDown - Shutdown FMODEX (avoid this one ;) )

Description: Action

Name: RMusic_PlayType

Type: ENum


  • PT_Loop - Loops music
  • PT_PlayOnce - Plays once

Description: Play type

Name: RMusic_Transition

Type: ENum


  • TRANS_Instanly - Instant transition
  • TRANS_Fade - Smooth fade

Description: Transition type