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UE2:CameraTextureClient (UE2Runtime)

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UE2Runtime Object >> Actor >> Info >> CameraTextureClient
This class in other games:
U2, UT2003, UT2004

The CameraTextureClient acts as bridge between a camera actor and a ScriptedTexture that is used to display what the camera sees. You only need one CameraTextureClient per camera as you can reuse the ScriptedTexture on multiple surfaces. Especially when using multiple cameras, it might be a good idea to create a ScriptedTexture in myLevel for each of the cameras.


Property group 'CameraTextureClient'[edit]


Type: name

Match the Tag of the camera actor with this property.


Type: ScriptedTexture

Set this to the desired ScriptedTexture that will display the camera view. Make sure this texture is not used by any other CameraTextureClient or similar actors.


Type: float

The camera's FOV.

Default value: 60.0


Type: float

How often per second the ScriptedTexture should be updated with the current camera view.

Default value: 60.0

Internal variables[edit]


Type: Actor

The actor used as camera.

Default values[edit]

Property Value
bAlwaysRelevant True
bNoDelete True



simulated event PostBeginPlay ()

Overrides: Actor.PostBeginPlay

Finds the camera actor, registers the CameraTextureClient to the DestTexture and sets up the update timer according to the RefreshRate.


simulated event RenderTexture (ScriptedTexture Tex)

Overrides: Actor.RenderTexture

Draws the current camera view onto the DestTexture via ScriptedTexture.DrawPortal().


simulated event Timer ()

Overrides: Actor.Timer

Forces the ScriptedTexture to be updated the next time it is rendered.