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UE2:ColorModifier (UT2004)

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UT2004 Object >> Material >> Modifier >> ColorModifier
This class in other games:
U2, U2XMP, UE2Runtime, UT2003

Changes the rendering color of a material. This is similar to drawing the material to a Canvas with a DrawColor other than white. The results of a ColorModifier aren't particularly "stable". In fact, Shaders and Combiners may revert the ColorModifier's effects.

Using a Combiner with CombineOperation = CO_Multiply and a ConstantColor or plain-color Texture as the second material has the same visual result, but is more likely to "survive" additional modifiers.


Property group 'ColorModifier'[edit]


Type: bool

Whether the result should be alpha-blended.

Default value: True


Type: Object.Color

The color to use when rendering the material. White means render unchanged, lower RGB values darken the corresponding RGB channels of the material.

Default value:

Member Value
A 255
B 255
G 255
R 255


Type: bool

Whether the material should be rendered two-sided.

Default value: True

Default values[edit]

Property Value
MaterialType 9