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UE2:GUIScrollZoneBase (UT2004)

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UT2004 Object >> GUI >> GUIComponent >> GUIScrollZoneBase
Direct subclasses:
GUIHorzScrollZone, GUIVertScrollZone

Created on: 08/23/2003 Base class for scroll zones

The ScrollZone is the background area for a scrollbar. When the user clicks on the zone, it caculates it's percentage.

Written by Joe Wilcox © 2003, Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Default values[edit]

Property Value
bAcceptsInput True
bCaptureMouse True
bNeverFocus True
bRepeatClick True
bRequiresStyle True
OnClick InternalOnClick
RenderWeight 0.25
StyleName "ScrollZone"



delegate OnScrollZoneClick (float Delta)

Instance functions[edit]


function bool InternalOnClick (GUIComponent Sender)