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UE2:GUIScrollZoneBase (UT2004)

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UT2004 Object >> GUI >> GUIComponent >> GUIScrollZoneBase
Direct subclasses:
GUIHorzScrollZone, GUIVertScrollZone

Created on: 08/23/2003 Base class for scroll zones

The ScrollZone is the background area for a scrollbar. When the user clicks on the zone, it caculates it's percentage.

Written by Joe Wilcox © 2003, Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Default values

Property Value
bAcceptsInput True
bCaptureMouse True
bNeverFocus True
bRepeatClick True
bRequiresStyle True
OnClick InternalOnClick
RenderWeight 0.25
StyleName "ScrollZone"



delegate OnScrollZoneClick (float Delta)

Instance functions


function bool InternalOnClick (GUIComponent Sender)