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UE2:xVoicePack defaults (UT2003)

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UT2003 Object >> Actor >> Info >> VoicePack >> TeamVoicePack >> xVoicePack (defaults)


Default values[edit]

Property Value
AckString[0] "Affirmative"
AckString[1] "Got It"
AckString[2] "I'm On It"
AckString[3] "Roger"
DisplayOtherMessage[12] 1
DisplayOtherMessage[15] 1
DisplayOtherMessage[20] 1
DisplayOtherMessage[21] 1
DisplayOtherMessage[22] 1
DisplayOtherMessage[9] 1
FFireAbbrev[1] "Your Team, Idiot!"
FFireString[0] "I'm On Your Team!"
FFireString[1] "I'm On Your Team, Idiot!"
FFireString[2] "Same Team!"
HumanOnlyTaunt[17] 1
HumanOnlyTaunt[6] 1
MatureTaunt[20] 1
MatureTaunt[4] 1
MatureTaunt[8] 1
numAcks 4
numFFires 3
numTaunts 21
OrderAbbrev[0] "Defend"
OrderAbbrev[2] "Attack"
OrderString[0] "Defend the base"
OrderString[1] "Hold this position"
OrderString[10] "Take their flag"
OrderString[11] "Defend the flag"
OrderString[2] "Assault the base"
OrderString[3] "Cover me"
OrderString[4] "Search and destroy"
OtherAbbrev[1] "Get our flag!"
OtherAbbrev[12] "Enemy carrier here"
OtherAbbrev[15] "Enemy carrier here"
OtherAbbrev[2] "Got the flag"
OtherAbbrev[20] "Base under attack"
OtherAbbrev[21] "Being overrun"
OtherAbbrev[22] "Under heavy attack"
OtherAbbrev[3] "Got your back"
OtherAbbrev[6] "All alone!"
OtherAbbrev[8] "Got our flag"
OtherAbbrev[9] "In position"
OtherDelayed[10] 1
OtherMesgGroup[0] 'CTFGame'
OtherMesgGroup[1] 'CTFGame'
OtherMesgGroup[12] 'CTFGame'
OtherMesgGroup[15] 'BombingRun'
OtherMesgGroup[16] 'DoubleDom'
OtherMesgGroup[17] 'DoubleDom'
OtherMesgGroup[18] 'DoubleDom'
OtherMesgGroup[19] 'DoubleDom'
OtherMesgGroup[2] 'CTFGame'
OtherMesgGroup[20] 'CTFGame'
OtherMesgGroup[23] 'DoubleDom'
OtherMesgGroup[24] 'DoubleDom'
OtherMesgGroup[25] 'BombingRun'
OtherMesgGroup[28] 'DoubleDom'
OtherMesgGroup[29] 'DoubleDom'
OtherMesgGroup[8] 'CTFGame'
OtherString[0] "Base is undefended!"
OtherString[1] "Somebody get our flag back!"
OtherString[10] "I'm going in!"
OtherString[11] "Area is secure"
OtherString[12] "Enemy flag carrier is %l"
OtherString[13] "I need some backup %l"
OtherString[14] "Incoming!"
OtherString[15] "Enemy ball carrier is %l"
OtherString[16] "Alpha secure!"
OtherString[17] "Bravo secure!"
OtherString[18] "Attack Alpha"
OtherString[19] "Attack Bravo"
OtherString[2] "I've got the flag"
OtherString[20] "The base is under attack %l"
OtherString[21] "We're being overrun %l!"
OtherString[22] "Under heavy attack %l"
OtherString[23] "Defend point Alpha"
OtherString[24] "Defend point Bravo"
OtherString[25] "Get The Ball"
OtherString[26] "I'm on defense"
OtherString[27] "I'm on offense"
OtherString[28] "Take point Alpha"
OtherString[29] "Take point Bravo"
OtherString[3] "I've got your back"
OtherString[30] "Medic"
OtherString[31] "Nice"
OtherString[4] "I'm hit!"
OtherString[5] "Man down!"
OtherString[6] "I'm all alone here %l"
OtherString[7] "Negative!"
OtherString[8] "I've got our flag"
OtherString[9] "I'm in position %l"
TauntString[0] "And Stay Down"
TauntString[1] "Anyone Else Want Some?"
TauntString[10] "MY House"
TauntString[11] "Next!"
TauntString[12] "Oh YEAH!"
TauntString[13] "Ownage"
TauntString[14] "Seeya"
TauntString[15] "That HAD To Hurt"
TauntString[16] "Useless"
TauntString[17] "You Play Like A Girl"
TauntString[18] "You Be Dead"
TauntString[19] "You Like That?"
TauntString[2] "Boom!"
TauntString[20] "You Whore"
TauntString[3] "BURN Baby"
TauntString[4] "Die Bitch"
TauntString[5] "Eat THAT"
TauntString[6] "You Fight Like Nali"
TauntString[7] "Is That Your Best?"
TauntString[8] "Kiss My Ass"
TauntString[9] "Loser"