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UE3:AnimNodeBlendBase (UT3)

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UT3 Object >> AnimNode >> AnimNodeBlendBase
Direct subclasses:
AnimNodeBlendMultiBone, AnimNodeAimOffset, AnimNodeBlendDirectional, AnimNodeBlendList, AnimNodeBlend, AnimNodeMirror, AnimNodeScalePlayRate, AnimNodeSlot, AnimNodeSynch, AnimTree, UTAnimBlendByHoverboardTilt, UTAnimBlendByHoverboardTurn, UTAnimNodeCopyBoneTranslation
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Type: bool

Whether children connectors (ie elements of the Children array) may be added/removed.


Type: array<AnimBlendChild>

Modifiers: editfixedsize, editinline, export

Array of children AnimNodes. These will be blended together and the results returned by GetBoneAtoms.



Modifiers: native

Link to a child AnimNode.

name Name 
Name of link.
AnimNode Anim 
Child AnimNode.
float Weight 
Weight with which this child will be blended in. Sum of all weights in the Children array must be 1.0
float TotalWeight 
Total weight of this connection in the final blend of all animations.
int bHasRootMotion 
Is this children currently forwarding root motion?
AnimNode.BoneAtom RootMotion 
Extracted Root Motion
bool bMirrorSkeleton 
Whether this child's skeleton should be mirrored.

Do not use this lightly, mirroring is rather expensive. So minimize the number of times mirroring is done in the tree.

int DrawY 
For editor use.

Native functions[edit]


native function PlayAnim (bool bLoop, float Rate, float StartTime)

Overrides: AnimNode.PlayAnim


native function StopAnim ()

Overrides: AnimNode.StopAnim