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UE3:Component (UT3)

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UT3 Object >> Component
Direct subclasses:
ActorComponent, DistributionFloat, DistributionVector, SVehicleWheel, UIComponent
This class in other games:

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This class is the base class for any kind of object that wants the following features:

- be a subobject inside a class definition (called the owner class)
- values of the component can be overridden in a subclass of the owner class, by
  defining a component in the subclass with the same name as the component in the base class
  definition. Note, you CANNOT GIVE IT A CLASS= DEFINITION! (See UDN page for more info)
- Changes to the default values to the component will be propagated to components that are
  created inside a map, unless the value was changed away from the default value in the editor.



Type: name

Modifiers: const, native


Type: Class

Modifiers: const, native