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UE3:InterpGroup (UDK)

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UDK Object >> InterpGroup
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Property group 'InterpGroup'[edit]


Type: array<AnimSet>

The AnimSets that are used by any AnimControl tracks. These will be passed to the Actor when the cinematic begins, and sequences named in the tracks should be found in them.


Type: Object.Color

Colour used for drawing tracks etc. related to this group.

Default value:

Member Value
A 255
B 200
G 80
R 100

Internal variables[edit]


Type: bool

Whether or not this group is folded away in the editor.


Type: bool

When enabled, this group is treated like a folder in the editor, which should only be used for organization. Folders are never associated with actors and don't have a presence in the Kismet graph.


Type: bool

When true, this group is considered a 'visual child' of another group. This doesn't at all affect the behavior of the group, it's only for visual organization. Also, it's implied that the parent is the next prior group in the array that doesn't have a parent.


Type: bool

Modifiers: transient

Whether or not this group is visible in the editor.


Type: name

Within an InterpData, all GroupNames must be unique. Used for naming Variable connectors on the Action in Kismet and finding each groups object.

Default value: 'InterpGroup'


Type: array<InterpTrack>

Modifiers: export



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A group, associated with a particular Actor or set of Actors, which contains a set of InterpTracks for interpolating properties of the Actor over time. The Outer of an InterpGroup is an InterpData.

InterpGroup Group 
int TrackIndex 
int KeyIndex 
float UnsnappedPosition