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UE3:PhysicalMaterialPropertyBase (UT3)

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UT3 Object >> PhysicalMaterialPropertyBase
Direct subclass:
This class in other games:

This is the PhysicalMaterialPropertyBase which the PhysicalMaterial has. Individual games should derive their own MyGamPhysicalMaterialProperty.

Then inside that object you can either have a bunch of properties or have it point to your game specific objects.

(e.g. You have have impact sounds and impact effects for all of the weapons in your game. So you have an .uc object which contains the data needed per material type and then you have your MyGamePhysicalMaterialProperty point to that. )

class MyGamePhysicalMaterialProperty extends PhysicalMaterialPropertyBase


var() editinline MyGameSpecificImpactEffects ImpactEffects; var() editinline MyGameSpecificImpactSounds ImpactSounds;

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