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UE3:UTTypes (UT3)

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This class in other games:

This will hold all of our enums and types and such that we need to use in multiple files where the enum can't be mapped to a specific file. Also to make these type available to the native land without forcing objects to be native.

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See UTTypes enums.



Modifiers: native

Describes music segments to be used in a map.

float Tempo 
Default Tempo in Beats per Minute. (BPM) This value is used to determine when it makes sense to switch music segments and to keep the beats of playing segments in sync during crossfading. Custom values can be specified for each segment, but those are actually ignored. The game checks whether it should switch to a new segment on every even beat.
MusicSegment Action 
Details about the music segment played during general combat action.
MusicSegment Ambient 
Details about the music segment to play while there is no combat.
MusicSegment Intro 
Details about the segment to play at map startup.
MusicSegment Suspense 
Details about the suspense segment. This segment is played e.g. when the own team (but not the local player) has the enemy flag and the player is not involved in "combat".
MusicSegment Tension 
Details about the tension segment. This segment is played e.g. when the enemy team (or both teams) has the player's flag and the player is not involved in "combat".
MusicSegment Victory 
Details about the "victory" segment. This segment is played if the player is powered up, e.g. under the effect of UDamage, Berserk or Invulnerability, steers a Redeemer missile or drives a Leviathan, or when the player has the flag. Like suspense and tension, this segment is overruled by the action segment if the player is involved in combat.

Note: Custom gametypes may change the meaning of a music segment by replacing the UTMusicManager with their own implementation.


Modifiers: native

float TempoOverride 
Tempo in Beats per Minute. This allows for the specific segement to have a different BPM *
ECrossfadeType CrossfadeRule 
crossfading always begins at the beginning of the measure *
int CrossfadeToMeNumMeasuresDuration 
How many measures it takes to crossfade to this MusicSegment

(e.g. No matter which MusicSegement we are currently in when we crossfade to this one we will fade over this many measures.

SoundCue TheCue 

Default values:

Property Value
CrossfadeRule CFT_BeginningOfMeasure
CrossfadeToMeNumMeasuresDuration 1


Modifiers: native

SoundCue Died 
SoundCue DoubleKill 
SoundCue EnemyGrabFlag 
SoundCue FirstKillingSpree 
SoundCue FlagReturned 
SoundCue GrabFlag 
SoundCue Kill 
SoundCue LongKillingSpree 
SoundCue MajorKill 
SoundCue MonsterKill 
SoundCue MultiKill 
SoundCue ReturnFlag 
SoundCue ScoreLosing 
SoundCue ScoreTie 
SoundCue ScoreWinning