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Welcome to the Unreal Wiki Community Portal. This is the place to find out what's happening on Unreal Wiki and what you can do to help.


Starting UDK documentation

Epic's Unreal Development Kit is here! The Unreal Wiki needs your contributions to document the new features provided by the latest Unreal Engine 3 release. Class description pages have already been generated, but many of them still need documentation. The UDK Editor doecumentation is not up to date, or even complete. We do have a list of external UDK tutorials, though.

As you can see, there's still a lot to do, so let's get started. See the Help out section below to find out how you can help and what specifically needs to be done.

Unreal Wiki reloaded

As you may have noticed, Unreal Wiki has migrated from the old UseModWiki software to a recent version of MediaWiki.

Currently we are in the process of getting (re-)started with content. Pages and images have been imported from the old Unreal Wiki and can be browsed as before. Old links via /wiki/Page_Name now redirect to /Legacy:Page_Name for normal pages or /Category:Legacy_Page_Name for categories and category-like pages. We've made best effort to compensate the different ways UseModWiki and MediaWiki normalize page names, so external links should not be broken. If you still find such a link, please tell the external site's admin to link to the new page instead.

As part of the restart, we want to create a better topic structure for the old and new knowledge to be documented. See the Help out section below to find out how you can help in this process.


What is the Unreal Wiki and how can you use it?

Help out

Unreal Wiki is seeking to provide comprehensive documentation about the Unreal Editor and Unreal Engine games as well as tutorials for creating content for them. You can help out in a number of ways, for example by writing tutorials, documenting engine features and, most importantly, improve existing documentation.

Need help?

If you have questions about Unreal Wiki that these pages do not answer, feel free to use an IRC Client to join our channel #unrealwiki on the EnterTheGame network. Or just browse over to the Unreal Wiki forum at the BeyondUnreal Forums.

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