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CTF-Afterlife (Unreal Tournament 3 Rendition)

Summary and Inspiration

I want to restart development of CTF-Afterlife for Unreal Tournament 3.

Journal Entries

30 March 2008

  • Officially decided that I will start CTF-Afterlife over from scratch in UT3, and totally scrap some of the ideas in the Unreal Tournament 2004 rendition.
  • Development will start shortly.\
  • Major removals, additions, and modifications from the UT2004 rendition to the UT3 rendition:
    • The disc-like platforms in between the two major platforms in Heaven will now be replaced by two sets of fast "air escalators".
    • Less pathways to the flag in Hell, as the five wooden bridges across the river and five sets of teleporters and stone bridges to the flag pedestal were excessive.
    • Earth's river will be traversed lengthwise instead of widthwise, with access to Heaven and Hell on opposite sides.
    • The two major platforms in Heaven will still include architecture similar to the UT2004 rendition, but with less areas to walk on.
    • Revamp Hell's confusing chamber to chamber transition.
    • Possibly have a seamless Heaven-Earth-Hell transitions without any teleporters. I am not sure how I am going to accomplish this one just yet.
    • Other things that I will decide on later in development.


Past Projects