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Foxpaw: I noticed while I was reading above about the static meshes.. I can't say for sure from what was written above but it sounds like you were going to make the entire platform in heaven one big mesh.. it looks like the spikes are very similar so if they are indeed the same you could improve the performance by making a "spike" static mesh and sticking a bunch of them to the sides of the platform static mesh. Because of the way static meshes are drawn you can draw the same static mesh numerous times with essentially the same performance price as drawing the same mesh only once. (A bit more costly, but hardly at all.) Also if the platforms are simple enough you might consider doing them in BSP instead.. it's more expensive performance wise but BSP uses a different lighting system than static meshes which looks much better. At this point you probrably aren't looking for performance optimizations but I thought I'd mention a few things that came to mind.

Tgusagalpa: Are you ever going to finish the map? If not, please put what you have to let us try it, because all you do is talk about it, but don't beta the map.

MythOpus: He hasn't been on the wiki for months Tgusagalpa, and he stopped talking about it since before then. The last thing I heard was that it was wiped in a HD crash.