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A WikiTag.

This tag marks pages that are about to be deleted. This doesn't invoke any sort of automatism; it merely serves as a handy search target for the admins.

Note that if a page does not contain a Category:Legacy Delete Me tag that doesn't mean it cannot be deleted. Admins don't just randomly delete pages, of course, but if a page seems to have been created solely for testing purposes (which we ask users not to do), maliciously or by accident, we occasionally may delete it without further ado.

There's a permanent log of all changes ever done on the Wiki, so no valuable content can ever get completely lost (although it can be quite a hassle to retrieve it once a page has been fully deleted).


If you think a page should be deleted, add a link to Category:Legacy Delete Me along with a short explanation like this:

Category:Legacy Delete Me because this page is redundant with The Weather in London.
Category:Legacy Delete Me – page obsoleted by Category:Legacy Wanted Pages.

Also put something in the Summary field when you add a Category:Legacy Delete Me tag to attract the admins' attention – otherwise the deletion request may remain unanswered until an admin happens to stumble over it by accident.

Deletion Requests[edit]

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