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Last night, I did something I haven't done since I actually first started UT.

I hopped on random servers.

And you know what? I found out I'm pretty damn good.

More often then not, I found myself in the Upper-Middle end of the scorelist. Now, granted, I was playing with some severe Disadvantages - The Game speed was sped up on nearly all of the servers (to about 150% I'd say) and Most of the matches were Hardcore. Plus on the games of CTF I did, the Blue team damn well stomped the shit out of my team using some creative techniques to get in the base. I think I'll try them next time I play.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

"I_Am_UT_Goodness: Dark Pulse, This is the Rant section... this sounds positive! Are you nuts?!?"

No, I'm not. A Rant can be both good or bad... it depends on how you see it. I saw this, in particular, as good.

Make no mistake, there was some brutally great players on there. Some of the names I remeber are Gumby, ski (Telefrag Queen), ICPJuggalete, BruceLeesLeftNutt, and Morpheus. And, while they blew me halfway to hell, I can also say there's times I won the duels as well. And if by some chance one of those people happens to read this, I'll get you yet ;)

Plain and simple, if you plan on being good, as good as a lot of players online, You've gotta practice brutally. This means staving the bots from levels like Average and putting them on something like Adept. That's what level I've been hitting lately, and I'm gonna step it up a bit more today, to the next level with a few bots only, slowly working my way up.

It's improvement time. How well I am in the UT world I will never know, thanks to ngWorldStats no longer existing for it, but I can say I'm high.

Top Ten? Hell no.

Top 100? Seriously doubt.

Top 1000? Meh... Maybe.

Top 5000? Almost certainly.

I'm not gonna brag about my skill. Sure, I'm great, and I can whip all of my friends to kingdom come, but there's thousands of people out there who I can learn from. And that's why I taught some of my friends. Like BASTARD. This was the first FPS he's ever played on PC. And I got him so addicted to it he's come a long way in the 5 or so months he's played with me. The reason is because he might get blown up, oe Decapitated, or Gibbed 10 ways to sunday, but he learned it's not necessarily how you play, It's your drive. and while he's emulated my style well, there's some things I do that he can't quite pick up on, or understand why I do them. It's that bit, unfortunately, that will seperate us.

Do I have the aspirations of being the Greatest UT player ever? No. I'm not that insane. However, I can still improve, and I'm going to keep slugging away at it. And then maybe, once in a great while, I can hop onto a server that looks good and utterly dominate. :)

Comments are welcomed, as are anything I can learn off you.