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Various regular Wiki contributors have expressed their (very personal, very subjective) views on the world (and especially the Unreal part of it) in rants scattered all over the Wiki.

  • Captain Kewl/Mod PR – Elitist snob, me.
  • EntropicLqd/EntropicOnFatherhood – You want children? Think twice.
  • Mychaeel/Modding Etiquette – How to make people like your mod.
  • Mychaeel/Mod Startups – Why many mod ideas are doomed in the moment they're made public, and how to prevent that.
  • Piglet/Finishing things – About making 'things' that you can actually finish
  • Tarquin/Mumblings – Mumblings on the Wiki and other stuff.
  • Tarquin/Perl – Tarquin's take on Perl. Watch him making progress as he continuously wraps his mind more and more around that crazy language. (It's perhaps also a journal, maybe I should move it there – Tarquin)
  • Tarquin/Rants – More mumblings on the Wiki and other stuff, and the direction this whole project takes. Warning: Tarquin writes rants under the influence of whatever happens to be passing (usually low blood sugar), and while they are a good exposition of his (alleged) cavalier attitude and so forth, they do not necessarily express his current opinion.
  • Will/Skill – General whining about higher-level UT players are obsessed with skill
  • Wormbo/Rants – A place Wormbo uses irregularly to get rid of his "aggressions" when dealing with coding related problems
  • RegularX/Rants – on mod making, beta testing and dealing with the general public

If you wish to add a rant to this list, feel free.

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