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Legacy:Decoration (DX)

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DX :: Object (DX) >> Actor (DX) >> Decoration (Engine)


Float BaseEyeHeight 
For conversations
bool bBobbing 
bool bOnlyTriggerable 
bool bPushable 
bool bPushSoundPlaying 
bool bSplash 
bool bWasCarried 
class<inventory> content2 
class<inventory> content3 
class<inventory> contents 
class<actor> EffectWhenDestroyed 
sound EndPushSound 
int numLandings 
sound PushSound 


BaseChange( )
Bump( actor Other )
Destroyed( )
Drop( vector newVel )
FollowHolder( Actor Other )
Frag( class<fragment> FragType , vector Momentum , float DSize , int NumFrags )
Landed( vector HitNormall )
skinnedFrag( class<fragment> FragType , texture FragSkin , vector Momentum , float DSize , int NumFrags )
Timer( )
Trigger( actor Other , pawn EventInstigator )
ZoneChange( ZoneInfo NewZone )