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Legacy:Fragment (DX)

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State Dying:[edit]

  • PlayerCanSeeMe() commented out
  • BeginState() has call to Timer() commented out


bool bFirstHit 
float Elasticity 
Velocity multiplier. This is not in Unreal Tournament
MESH Fragments[11] 
int numFragmentTypes 


BeginState( )
CalcVelocity( vector Momentum , float ExplosionSize )
HitWall( vector HitNormal , actor HitWall )
Deus Ex uses Elasticity in the function.
PostBeginPlay( )
TakeDamage( int Dam , Pawn instigatedBy , Vector hitlocation , Vector momentum , name damageType )
timer( )
Touch( actor Other )
ZoneChange( ZoneInfo NewZone )
Deus Ex version ignores "Level.Netmode"