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UT2003 :: GUI >> GUIComponent >> GUIMultiComponent >> GUIPanel >> GUITabPanel (Package: XInterface)

The GUITabPanel is the basic building block for the majority of the menu systems for the game. All the tab menus in the menu system can be found as subclasses.


bool bFillHeight 
If true, the panel will set its height = Top - ClipY
GUITabButton MyButton 


InitPanel ( ) 
An empty method that should be subclassed for specific behavior.
ShowPanel (bool bShow)
Specifies whether the panel should shown, should be subclassed for specific behavior.
bool CanShowPanel ( ) 
The selection of the behavior of the tab, should be subclassed for specific behavior.
Refresh ( ) 
Refreshes the TabPanel.

Known Subclases[edit]

 |  +-Browser_IRC
 |  +-Browser_MOTD
 |  +-Browser_Prefs
 |  +-Browser_ServerListPageBase
 |     +-Browser_ServerListPageFavorties
 |     +-Browser_ServerListPageLAN
 |     +-Browser_ServerListPageMS
 |        +-Browser_ServerListPageBuddy
 |        +-Browser_ServerListPAgeMSCustom
 |  +-IRC_Channel
 |  |  +-IRC_Private
 |  +-IRC_System
 |  +-Tab_SpeechBinder
 |  +-Tab_IABombingRun
 |  +-Tab_IACaptureTheFlag
 |  +-Tab_IADeathMatch
 |  |  +-Tab_IATeamDeathMatch
 |  +-Tab_IADoubleDomination
 |  +-Tab_SPLadderBase
 |  |  +-Tab_SPLadderQualify
 |  |  +-Tab_SPLadderTeam
 |  +-Tab_SPProfileLoad
 |  +-Tab_SPProfileNew
 |  +-Tab_SPRoster
 |  +-Tab_SPTutorial

smattbac: It seems that tabs wont be drawn unless they have atleast one control with bTabStop=True?