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UT2003 :: Object >> Subsystem >> Engine >> GameEngine (Package: Engine)

The game subsystem.

This is the description of the UT200x version of this class. The UT version doesn't have any UnrealScript source.



string Protocol 
Protocol, e.g. "unreal" or "http".
string Host 
Optional hostname, e.g. "" or "unreal.epicgames.com", blank if local.
int Port 
Optional host port.
string Map 
Map name, e.g. "SkyCity", default is "Index".
array<string> Op 
string Portal 
Portal to enter through, default is "".
int Valid 


Settings Group

bool ColorHighDetailMeshes (config) 
bool ColorSlowCollisionMeshes (config) 
bool ColorNoCollisionMeshes (config) 
bool ColorWorldTextures (config) 
bool ColorPlayerAndWeaponTextures (config) 
bool ColorInterfaceTextures (config) 

VoiceChat Group

bool VoIPAllowVAD (globalconfig) 

Other Configurable Properties

string ConnectingMenuClass (globalconfig) 
Menu that appears when you are connecting to a server or loading a map in Instant Action mode. This is a Vignette subclass.
string DisconnectMenuClass (globalconfig) 
Menu that appears when you are disconnected.
string LoadingClass (globalconfig) 
Loading screen that appears when loading a map in the single player ladder. This is a Vignette subclass.
string MainMenuClass (globalconfig) 
Menu that appears when you first start the game. This is loaded immediatly after loading the Entry level. It appears that most games do not actually use this, but rather open their menu from a trigger in their Intro level.
array<string> ServerActors (config) 
List of actor classes to spawn on map startup. These actors are handled like map actors during the chain of events at level startup.
array<string> ServerPackages (config) 
List of package names that are loaded on map startup. These packages and any package they depend on have to be present on clients that want to connect unless a package is flagged as ServerSideOnly or ClientOptional. Packages that are present on the client need to have the same GUID as on the server. All code packages here which are flagged as AllowDownload are sent to the client if downloads are enabled and the client doesn't have a package.
string SinglePlayerMenuClass (globalconfig) 
Menu that appears when you return from a single player match after a cinematic game.

Other Properties

bool bCheatProtection 
I think this tells whether Quick MD5 checks are performed on a client's code packages.
array<Object> DummyArray 
Object DummyObject 
string DummyString 
Source comment: Do not modify
Level GEntry 
Reference to the entry level object. (the same as Actor.XLevel of actor in the entry level)
Level GLevel 
Reference to the current level object. (the same as Actor.XLevel of actors in the current map)
PendingLevel GPendingLevel