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UT2003 :: Object >> KarmaParamsCollision (Package: Engine)

The base class for Karma objects. Contains basic properties for use by the Karma Engine. KarmaParams extends this class and has more useful properties. Karma Actor uses this object for properties. Note: All properties are in Karma scale.



float KFriction 
The amount of friction applied. 0 is no friction (though the object will still stop moving), and 1 is 100% friction.
float KRestitution 
How much the object will bounce. 0 is no bounce, 1 will bounce upwards with the force the object hit the ground.
float KImpactThreshold 
How much force is needed to call the KImapct event.


const bool bContactingLevel 
Is true if

Contact Region[edit]

Describes the contact with the world (BSP and StaticMeshes. All these properties are const, meaning they can't be modified with UnrealScript. The native function CalcContactRegion() updates these values.

const vector ContactRegionCenter 
const vector ContactRegion Normal 
const float ContactRegionRadius 
const float ContactRegionNormalForce 

Default Properties[edit]

The default is a sphere with 1 mass and radius.



CalcContactRegion() [native] 
This native function will only update the contact region properties if bContactingLevel is true.

Known subclasses[edit]

KarmaParamsCollision isn't a very useful class by itself. Karma Actors get most of their functionality from subclasses.