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UT2003 :: Actor >> Light (Package: Engine)

Note: This is the UT2003 version of Light. For UT version, see Legacy:Light (UT).

This native actor emits light during a Build Lighting operation to create Lightmaps. It is the parent class for all light objects, although any Actor has lighting attributes.

See also Actor/Lighting.



There properties are available for editing.

float CoronaRotation 
float CoronaRotationOffset 
float MaxCoronaSize 
float MinCoronaSize 
bool UseOwnFinalBlend 

Known Subclasses[edit]

  +- ONSHeadlightCorona
  |   +- ONSBrakelightCorona
  +- Spotlight
  +- Sunlight
  +- TriggerLight
      +- xDomAlert

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