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UT2003 :: Actor >> NavigationPoint >> JumpDest >> JumpSpot >> GameObjective >> LockedObjective
UT2004 :: Actor >> NavigationPoint >> JumpDest >> JumpSpot >> GameObjective >> ProximityObjective >> LockedObjective (Package: UnrealGame)

A player must carry a KeyInventory with a certain Tag in order to disable this Objective.



name KeyTag 
Tag of KeyPickup which unlocks this objective


KeyPickup MyKey 
The objective's KeyPickup


AllActor search for the KeyPickup with a Tag matching KeyTag.
bool TellBotHowToDisable( Bot B ) 
Tell bots what to do to disable me. Return true if valid/useable instructions were given. Bots will either a) find this Objective because they already have the key, b) follow the enemy bot who has the key or c) follow the route to the key after this actor calls FindKey().
IsRelevant( Pawn Instigator, bool bAliveCheck ) 
Will return false if DisableObjective is called from KeyInventory.Unlock(). This happens when the Objective is unlocked.

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