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Legacy:Mapping For Jailbreak/Conclusion

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Oh... that's it?[edit]

Well, I think you know just about everything there is to know about designing a Jailbreak map now. I hope everything I've discussed here serves as a good set of guidelines for making your Jailbreak maps own.

And for those who haven't made a Jailbreak map yet – I hope this has inspired you to go ahead and get creative. More level designers means more maps, and that's always a good thing! Oh, and don't forget the basic things to finish off your level – screenshots, level info, playercount, scoreboard minimap (check the JDN on how to do it or there are instructions in-game), default gametype set to "Jailbreak.Jailbreak" and a cool secret here and there!

Good luck, and I hope making Jailbreak maps is as satisfying and ultimately beneficlal as it has been for me (for real).

Cory Spooner

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