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Legacy:Mapping For UTXMP/Energy Source

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Look for XMPGenerator actor here:

NavigationPoint >> JumpDest >> JumpSpot >> GameObjective >> XMPHackTrigger >> XMPGenerator

Actor properties[edit]

XMPGenerator >> EnergyRateBase 
change this value to ajust how much energy is drained to owning team.
XMPGenerator >> EnergyRatePerPlayer 
change this value to ajust how much energy depends on number of players.
XMPHackTrigger >> bUsable 
set to False to make non-hackable energy source.
XMPHackTrigger >> Team 
set to 0 for RED, 1 for BLUE, 255 for neutral (green).

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Tarquin: Is this a page for several UTXMP actors, or for just the XMPGenerator? If the latter, it might be better to put it at XMPGenerator and treat like a class page

Nercury: Just XMPGenerator. I wrote property groups before ">>" to help mappers find properties easier. Also i want to delay saving this page as class page until UTXMP is no longer beta.