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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> MessageTextureClient (Package: GamePlay)

These are basically used for in-map scrolling messages. A good example are the scoreboards in DM-Morpheus in UT2004. This is done clientsidely and will thus require you to be in-game to see the effect.

The ScriptedTexture the messages are drawn on will contain the message in the specified color on black background. If you need a more complex look, try using a Combiner, Shader, FinalBlend or any of the other texture modifiers or a combination of them.


MessageTextureClient Group[edit]

bool bCaps 
Display the message in ALL-CAPS.
Font Font 
The font used to draw the message.
color FontColor 
The message's display color.
ScriptedTexture MessageTexture 
The ScriptedTesture the message should be drawn on.
string ScrollingMessage 
The scrolling text of the message. You can use any of the following message placeholders:
%lp leading player's name
%lf leading player's score

The placeholders "%p" and "%h" mentioned in a comment in the source code don't seem to actually work.

Hidden Properties[edit]

string HerMessage (localized) 
The pronoun "his". This was intended to be used for the "%h" placeholder, but that isn't being recognized.
string HisMessage (localized) 
The pronoun "her". This was intended to be used for the "%h" placeholder, but that isn't being recognized.
string OldText 
Display string from last texture update.


All functions in this class are simulated functions.

Events Inherited From Actor[edit]

PostNetBeginPlay( ) 
Sets this actor as the message texture's Client.
RenderTexture(ScriptedTexture Tex) 
Renders the scrolling message.
Timer( ) 
Updates the message text and checks whether the message texture needs to be updated as well.

Other Functions[edit]

string Replace(string Text, string Match, string Replacement) 
Replaces the first occurance of Match in Text with Replacement and returns the new string.

A good tutorial[edit]

There is a Tutorial by Fuegerstef on the UT Maniac Board, which I found very useful when trying to put a scrolling text in my map

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