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UT2003 :: Object >> Material >> Modifier >> FinalBlend (Package: Engine)

What exactly does this class do except enabling alpha channels and creating UT1-style translucent textures?


bool AlphaTest 
byte AlphaRef 
EFrameBufferBlending FrameBufferBlending 
The way the material should be modified. See EFrameBufferBlending enum below for details.
bool TwoSided 
Whether the material should be made two-sided.
bool ZTest 
bool ZWrite 
Setting this property to True can fix Z-order problems with complex Shaders. For example a Shader that uses a texture with an alpha channel a its Diffuse and Opacity and a ConstantColor as Specular might cause weird overdrawing effects on meshes. Instead of using the Opacity value, the Shader can be passed through a FinalBlend with ZWrite=True and FrameBufferBlending=FB_AlphaBlend for the same result without the Z-order problem.

Inherited from Modifier[edit]

Material Material (editinlineuse
The material to modify.

Inherited from Material[edit]

Material FallbackMaterial 
Material to use instead when this FinalBlend can't be displayed, e.g. because the material it modifies is too complex.



Activates the alpha channel of the material. This is useful when a texture was imported without enabling the Alpha option or when using a Combiner which can create a new alpha channel but never enables it.
Creates a new alpha channel based on the material's brightness. Darker areas will be more translucent, brighter areas will be less translucent.

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