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UT2004 :: Actor >> ONSWeapon (Package: Onslaught)

This is the non-placable parent class of all of the vehicle and turret weapons found in the Onslaught Gametype.


Weapon Bone Rotation System[edit]


name YawBone 
float YawStartConstraint 
float YawEndConstraint 
name PitchBone 
int PitchUpLimit 
int PitchDownLimit 
name WeaponFireAttachmentBone 
name GunnerAttachmentBone 
float WeaponFireOffset 
float DualFireOffset 
If your weapon has twin muzzles, e.g. Energy Turret and Raptor, this causes shots to alternate from each barrel.
vector WeaponOffset 
rotator LastRotation 
float RotationsPerSecond 


float YawConstraintDelta 
rotator CurrentAim 
vector WeaponFireLocation 
written by CalcWeaponFire
rotator WeaponFireRotation 
written by CalcWeaponFire



bool bInstantFire 
As Noted Above specifies InstantFireState instead of ProjectileFireState for the generic weapon firing code to use.
bool bDualIndependantTargeting 
When using a DualFireOffset each shot will be independantly targeted at the crosshair
bool bAimable 
Determines whether the weapon can be physically turned by the player (i.e. turret rotation or gun barrel pitch).
bool bAmbientFireSound 
bool bAmbientAltFireSound 
bool bInheritVelocity 
bool bReflective 
Can be reflected by shield gun shield?


bool bInstantRotation 
NOTE: Gradual rotation via RotationsPerSecond still used for non-owning net clients to smooth rotation changes
bool bActive 
bool bShowChargingBar 
Bender Style?
bool bCallInstigatorPostRender 
If Instigator exists, during this actor's native PostRender(), call Instigator->PostRender() (used when weapon is visible but owner is bHidden)
bool bForceCenterAim 
Not Used on The Goliath?
bool bDoOffsetTrace 
Trace from outside vehicle's collision back towards weapon to determine firing offset. Probably Another Goliathy Type Feature
bool bIsAltFire 
bool bIsRepeatingFF 
bool bCorrectAim (out, native, const) 
Indicates gun can hit what controller is aiming at



float FireIntervalAimLock 
Fraction of FireInterval/AltFireInterval during which you can't move the gun


float AimLockReleaseTime 
When this time is reached gun can move again
vector CurrentHitLocation 
float Spread 
float AimTraceRange 


Each of these properties is hidden.

vector LastHitLocation 
byte FlashCount 
byte OldFlashCount 
byte HitCount 
byte OldHitCount 

Team Skins[edit]


Material RedSkin 
Material BlueSkin 


var byte Team 



float FireInterval, AltFireInterval 


float FireCountDown 



class<Emitter> FlashEmitterClass 
class<Emitter> EffectEmitterClass 
class<ONSWeaponAmbientEmitter> AmbientEffectEmitterClass 


Emitter FlashEmitter 
Emitter EffectEmitter 
ONSWeaponAmbientEmitter AmbientEffectEmitter 


Each of these properties are available to edit.

sound FireSoundClass 
float FireSoundVolume 
float FireSoundRadius 
float FireSoundPitch 
sound AltFireSoundClass 
float AltFireSoundVolume 
float AltFireSoundRadius 
float AltFireSoundPitch 
Why ISN'T this here? :0
float AmbientSoundScaling 

Force Feedback[edit]

Each of these properties are available to edit.

string FireForce 
string AltFireForce 

Instant Fire Stuff[edit]

Each of these properties are hidden.

class<DamageType> DamageType 
int DamageMin, DamageMax 
Instant Hits work by applying damage as RealDamage = DamageMin + Rand(DamageMax-DamageMin)
float TraceRange 
float Momentum 

Projectile Fire Stuff[edit]


class<Projectile> ProjectileClass 
class<Projectile> AltFireProjectileClass 


array<Projectile> Projectiles 
Ignore these when doing third person aiming trace (only necessary if projectiles fired have bProjTarget==true)

Camera Shakes[edit]

Each of these properties are available to edit.

vector ShakeRotMag 
How far to rot view
vector ShakeRotRate
How fast to rot view
float ShakeRotTime
How much time to rot the instigator's view
vector ShakeOffsetMag
Max view offset vertically
vector ShakeOffsetRate
How fast to offset view vertically
float ShakeOffsetTime
How much time to offset view


ONSWeapon defines the struct ONSWeaponAIInfo. These properties are hidden.

ONSWeaponAIInfo AIInfo[2] 
FireProperties SavedFireProperties[2] 


This property is hidden.

string DebugInfo 


The following properties are reliable if Role == ROLE_Authority and bNetDirty is true:


If in addition to the above conditions the following properties are also reliable if bNetOwner is false:



int LimitPitch( int Pitch, rotator ForwardRotation, optional int WeaponYaw ) (native) 
DisplayDebug( Canvas Canvas, out float YL, out float YPos ) (simulated) 
This will draw the state of bActive, bCorrectAim and the DebugInfo String :
PostBeginPlay() (simulated) 
Calculate YawConstraintDelta
Setup Drawing of the Charging Bar
Apply Berserk Fire Modifier If APplicable?
PostNetBeginPlay() (simulated) 
Sets the weapon into a state, either InstantFireMode if bInstantFire == true or ProjectileFireMode
InitEffects() (simulated) 
Attaches FlashEmitterClass and AmbientEffectEmitterClass to their locations based on WeaponFireAttachmentBone if they are != none
SetGRI( GameReplicationInfo GRI ) (simulated) 
SetFireRateModifier( float Modifier ) (simulated) 
SpawnHitEffects( Actor HitActor, vector HitLocation, vector HitNormal ) 
ShakeView() (simulated) 
If the person using our ONSWeapon is a player controller call WeaponShakeView(ShakeRotMag, ShakeRotRate, SHakeRotTime, ShakeOffsetMag, ShakeOffsetRate, ShakeOffsetTime)
ClientStartFire( Controller C, bool bAltFire ) (simulated) 
ClientStartFire() and ClientStopFire() are only called for the client that owns the weapon (and not at all for bots)
This is where force feedback is activated and OwnerEffects() is called
ClientStopFire( Controller C, bool bWasAltFire ) (simulated) 
Stops Force Feedback and our AmbientEffectEmitter if it exists
ClientPlayForceFeedback( String EffectName ) (simulated) 
Verify It's a Valid PlayerController And Get TO IT
StopForceFeedback( String EffectName ) (simulated) 
Verify It's a Valid PlayerController and Get TO IT
OwnerEffects() (simulated) 
//do effects (muzzle flash, force feedback, etc) immediately for the weapon's owner (don't wait for replication)
rotator AdjustAim( bool bAltFire ) 
This tells a bot how to line up a shot
byte BestMode() 
AI: return the best fire mode for the situation
Fire( Controller C ) 
This Non-State Version just writes a friendly message to the logs
AltFire( Controller C ) 
This Non-State Version just writes a friendly message to the logs
bool CanAttack( Actor Other) 
Return false if out of range, can't see target, etc.
float MaxRange() (simulated) 
Gives a max distance for bots to use when deciding how to use a weapon.
Projectile SpawnProjectile( class<Projectile> ProjClass, bool bAltFire ) 
First thing this function does is determine the spawn location, this can either be WeaponFireLocation or is computed through a collision trace if bDoOffsetTrace == true
Next the projectile is spawned, if bInheritVelocity == true then the Projectile.Velocity = Instigator.Velocity
Firing Noises are played using FireClass/AltFireClass and FireSoundRadius/AltFireSoundRadius
As i look at the code here, i notice that AltFireSoundVolume is not used here but rather FireSoundVolume/255.0 is used in both the primary and secondary firing modes.
The projectile that was spawned is returned
CeaseFire( Controller C) 
Stops ambient sounds being played and resets Flash/Hit Count
Destroyed() (simulated) 
Cleans up Effects (DestroyEffects()) and calls SUper()
DestroyEffects() (simulated) 
SetTeam( byte T ) (simulated) 
Sets the current Skin to the proper teams skin
SimulateTraceFire( out vector Start, out Rotator Dir, out vector HitLocation, out vector HitNormal ) (simulated) 
Client Side Trace, does NOT apply damage, Does predict hit locations
TraceFire( vector Start, rotator dir ) 
Does a trace and applies damage
SpawnBeamEffect( vector Start, rotator Dir, vector HitLocation, vector HitNormal, int ReflectNum ) 
CalcWeaponFire() (simulated) 
Calculates the exact spot the weapon is firing From based on rotation/coords/bDualIndependentTargeting, and writes them to WeaponFireLocation and WeaponFireRotation
float ChargeBar() (simulated) 
StaticPrecache( LevelInfo L ) (static) 


ClientSpawnHitEffects() (simulated) 
bool AttemptFire( Controller C, bool bAltFire) 
Fire if we can (This means FireCountdown is <= 0)
If we can fire, we will call Fire() or AltFire()
If we can fire we will set FireCountdown to either FireInterval or AltFireInterval
If we can fire aimlock will be applied
If we can fire, we will return true
Aimlock is implemented here as AimLockReleaseTime = Level.TimeSeconds + FireCountDown*FireIntervalAimLock
FlashMuzzleFlash() (simulated) 




Fire( Controller C) 
Apply Some Effects and Call TraceFire to do damage
AltFire( Controller C) 
SpawnHitEffects( Actor HitActor, vector HitLocation, vector HitNormal ) (simulated) 
Actually spawns hit effects on a client


ClientSpawnHitEffects() (simulated) 
Determines the Hit Location and Calls SpawnHitEffects()


Fire( Controller C) 
Spawn the ProjectileClass()
AltFire( Controller C ) 
If the AltFireProjectileClass is None, then Fire. Otherwise, spawn the AltFireProjectileClass.


ONSWeapon sub-classes can only fire when in one of the two firing states: InstantFireMode or ProjectileFireMode. This takes place through the ONSWeapon property bInstantFire which is checked in ONSWeapon's PostNetBeginPlay() function.


Sweavo: anyone know how to tell when the player has released the fire button? AFAICT CeaseWeaponFire doesn't happen until after the FireInterval expires...?

SuperApe: I believe there is a StopFiring() function within AIController or something. The function definitions should be separated from states and events, the words "function", "event", "simulated", etc. should be properly formatted. "var()" and "var" should be removed and the properties should be labeled as Hidden accordingly. EDIT: done.