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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> ZoneInfo >> LevelInfo (Package: Engine)

LevelInfo holds:

  • information about the map (default gamemode, author, music, etc).
  • information about the zones in the map that don't have a ZoneInfo.

UnrealEd will automatically place a LevelInfo when you create a new map. It's located at the origin (0,0,0), but its Advanced -> bHiddenEd flag is set so you can't see it.

The properties of the LevelInfo can be accessed

  • UnrealEd Main Menu -> View -> Level Properties
  • by pressing the F6 key.
  • In script by the Level pointer in any actor.

More details here: Level Properties

See LevelInfo (UT) for the UT version of this class.


Audio Group[edit]

float MusicVolumeOverride 
float PlayerDoppler 
Player doppler shift, 0=none, 1=full.
string Song 
Filename (without extension) of the song played in this level. This song should be an OGG file in {Base Directory}\Music.

Camouflage Group[edit]

These are used by the Camouflage combo in the Epic Bonuspack.

StaticMesh IndoorCamouflageMesh 
Static mesh used when player doesn't stand on terrain.
float IndoorMeshDrawscale 
Drawscale for the IndoorMeshDrawscale.
StaticMesh OutdoorCamouflageMesh 
Static mesh used when player stands on terrain.
float OutdoorMeshDrawscale 
Drawscale for the OutdoorCamouflageMesh.

Karma Group[edit]

bool bKStaticFriction 
Better rag-doll/ground friction model, but more CPU.
float KarmaGravScale (initial value replicated) 
Allows you to make ragdolls use lower friction than normal.
float KarmaTimeScale (initial value replicated) 
Karma physics timestep scaling.
int MaxRagdolls 
Maximum number of simultaneous rag-dolls.
float RagdollTimeScale (initial value replicated) 
Ragdoll physics timestep scaling. This is applied on top of KarmaTimeScale.

LevelInfo Group[edit]

bool bKNoInit 
Start NO Karma for this level. Only use this for an Entry level.
bool bLonePlayer 
No multiplayer coordination, i.e. for entranceways.
float Brightness 
vector CameraLocationDynamic
vector CameraLocationFront
vector CameraLocationSide
vector CameraLocationTop
rotator CameraRotationDynamic 
Used for saving the UnrealEd viewport camera positions.
string DefaultGameType 
Class name of the default gametype for this level, in the format "Package.ClassName" e.g. xGame.xCTFGame for CTF maps. See DeathMatch subclasses for valid classes.
string LevelEnterText (localized) 
Message to tell players when they enter.
string LocalizedPkg 
Package to look in for localizations.
EPhysicsDetailLevel PhysicsDetailLevel (config) 
string PreCacheGame 
Class name of the GameInfo class used for precaching if no DefaultGameType was specified.
float TimeDilation (replicated when changed) 
Limits the height of flying vehicles. Once you reach this limit the vehicle is pushed back down to safer altitudes. Shows as a blue line in side-view orthogonal UnrealEd Viewports.

LevelSummary Group[edit]

This group is mostly about what appears on the map selection screen in the game.

string Author 
Who built it. This is displayed on the the map selection screen.
string DecoTextName 
Name of the map for loading a description from the XMaps INT file. This method was required before the first patches, but not anymore - instead, use the Description property.
string Description 
A description for the level. This is displayed on the the map selection screen.
bool HideFromMenus 
Don't show in any map list.
int IdealPlayerCountMax, int IdealPlayerCountMin 
Ideal number of players for this level. If the option to match playercount to recommended is enabled (instant action), the game will pick the average of these numbers to add bots.
Material Screenshot 
Preview screenshot(s) of this level. This is displayed on the the map selection screen. See Level Screenshot.
string Title (localized) 
Name of this level. This is displayed on the scoreboard.

SinglePlayer Group[edit]

int SinglePlayerTeamSize 

Config Properties[edit]

bool bCapFramerate (globalconfig) 
Frame rate is capped in net play if True, else the number of ServerMove updates is limited.
bool bLowSoundDetail 
bool bNeverPrecache 
bool bShouldPreload (globalconfig) 
If true, preload all skins. (only set true if > 512 MB of system memory)
float DecalStayScale 
0 to 2 – affects decal stay time
EPhysicsDetailLevel PhysicsDetailLevel (visible in the LevelInfo group) 


bool bAggressiveLOD 
Frame rate is well below DesiredFrameRate, so make LOD more aggressive. (What does "well below" mean in this case?)
bool bBegunPlay 
Whether gameplay has begun.
bool bClassicView 
FOV at least 90, eyeheight up, small weapons
bool bDropDetail 
Frame rate is below DesiredFrameRate, so drop high detail actors.
bool bHasPathNodes 
bool bLevelChange 
bool bNextItems 
bool bPathsRebuilt 
True if path network is valid. See also Build.
bool bPlayersOnly 
Only update players. See console commands (PLAYERSONLY).
bool bStartup 
Starting gameplay.
string ComputerName 
Machine's name according to the OS.
Controller ControllerList (const) 
int Day (transient) 
int DayOfWeek (transient) 
float DefaultGravity (replicated when changed) 
Texture DefaultTexture 
EDetailMode DetailMode (const) 
Client detail mode.
string EngineVersion 
Engine version.
GameInfo Game 
GameReplicationInfo GRI (transient) 
int Hour (transient) 
int HubStackLevel 
Texture LargeVertex 
int LastTaunt[2] 
'Global' last taunts used.
ELevelAction LevelAction (transient) 
PlayerController LocalPlayerController 
int Millisecond (transient) 
string MinNetVersion 
Minimum engine version that is net compatible.
int Minute (transient) 
int Month (transient) 
float MoveRepSize 
NavigationPoint NavigationPointList (const) 
ENetMode NetMode 
The network mode of this level: server, client etc. See NetMode.
float NextSwitchCountdown 
string NextURL 
ObjectPool ObjectPool (transient) 
float PauseDelay 
time at which to start pause
PlayerReplicationInfo Pauser (replicated when changed) 
If paused, PRI of person pausing the game.
array<Material> PrecacheMaterials (transient) 
array<StaticMesh> PrecacheStaticMeshes (transient) 
PlayerController ReplicationViewer (const) 
Actor ReplicationViewTarget (const) 
int Second (transient) 
LevelSummary Summary 
float TimeSeconds 
Time in seconds since level began play.
string VisibleGroups 
List of the group names which were checked when the level was last saved.
Texture WhiteSquareTexture 
Texture WireframeTexture 
int Year (transient) 





Also see NetMode.

Standalone game.
Dedicated server, no local client.
Listen server.
Client only, no local server.




Inherited From Actor[edit]

PostBeginPlay ( ) [simulated] 
Limits the DecalStayScale to values between 0.0 and 2.0.
PreBeginPlay ( ) [simulated] 
Initializes the level's ObjectPool.
Reset ( ) 
Performs garbage collection of objects. (not done during gameplay)

Native Functions[edit]

DetailChange (EDetailMode NewDetailMode) [simulated] 
Switches the world detail mode.
string GetAddressURL ( ) [simulated] 
Return the URL of this level, which may possibly exist on a remote machine.
string GetLocalURL ( ) [simulated] 
Return the URL of this level on the local machine.
bool IsDemoBuild ( ) [simulated] 
Returns whether this version of UT2003 is a demo build.
bool IsEntry ( ) [simulated] 
Returns whether this is the entry level.

Other Functions[edit]

AddPrecacheMaterial (Material mat) [simulated] 
Adds a material to the PrecacheMaterials array.
AddPrecacheStaticMesh (StaticMesh stat) [simulated] 
Adds a static mesh to the PrecacheStaticMeshes array.
class<GameInfo> GetGameClass ( ) [simulated] 
Returns this game's GameInfo class.
PlayerController GetLocalPlayerController ( ) [simulated] 
Returns the local PlayerController. See also Netcode Idioms.
ThisIsNeverExecuted ( ) 
Well, this is never executed. ;) This function only contains a reference to the DefaultPhysicsVolume class to make sure it is loaded.


FillPrecacheMaterialsArray ( ) [simulated] 
Tries to find the current game's GameInfo class, using GRI.GameClass, DefaultGameType and PreCacheGame in that order and calls its static PreCacheGameTextures function. Also calls all actors' UpdatePrecacheMaterials function.
FillPrecacheStaticMeshesArray ( ) [simulated] 
Tries to find the current game's GameInfo class, using GRI.GameClass, DefaultGameType and PreCacheGame in that order and calls its static PreCacheGameStaticMeshes function. Also calls all actors' UpdatePrecacheStaticMeshes function.
ServerTravel (string URL, bool bItems) 
Jump the server to a new level.