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Let's face it, no one likes whiners. I have to deal with whiners every day, of every week, of every month, so on and so forth. I'll make a list for you:

  • List of Whiners
    • My sister
    • My parents
    • My fellow students
    • The average idiot

My sister just whines. I can deal with that, kinda, even if she's old enough to know better. My parents whine when I don't do everything to an amount of perfection that would require giving up what time I do have, and when my sister whines they whine about her whining. Yeesh. Furthermore, most of the other students in my school whine. They whine about each other, they whine about themselves, they whine about the teachers, they whine about thier homework, they whine about how much thier backpacks weigh, and more. Now, if they did something good with thier whining (can you do something good with whining?), I wouldn't complain. Heck, I don't mind the whiners themselves, but the whining bugs me. I've been dealing with whiny people since my sister could talk, and I think I've found part of the reasons I have partial sanity problems.

They also feel that everyone should listen to them. What makes it so much worse is that so many of them are idiots. They just don't understand that nobody wants to hear it! I mean, some of my friends whine once in a while, but what I'm ranting about is those people who whine constantly. But when someone begins whining about thier entire life, everyone stops listening to them, and they don't know why. They can't be friends with each other, because they, in a hypocritical way, can't stand whining either. So, eventually, whiners do stop whining. They are embittered, angry, and really evil, but, at least they are quiet.

Phantasmagorium: Looking back, I have to ask myself, is this also a lesson in hypocrisy? I don't constantly whine, but I do complain every once in a while. There's another reason I have sanity problems. I also realise this is pretty short, but.. there's not a whole lot to say on this subject. I just needed to vent, hehe.

Dante: Aren't you whining about whiners whining above ;) ?

El Muerte TDS: are you whining about him whining about whiners ?

Tarquin: is this really relevant to the topic of this wiki?

Mosquito: rant is a rant, tarquin, doesn't mean they need to be coherent.

RDGDanClark:Given the number of whiners in UT/UT2k3 online gaming (as in many other games, yes), I'd say this rant is at least laterally relevant, if not directly relevant to the subject of the wiki.

Nytrogen: What tarquin is saying is that there are more appropriate places for this rant and anything else not related to "Unreal Engine Documentation." Try geocities, cbj, etc. Please move this to another site.

Mosquito: why? I thought this was the whole point of personal pages

Birelli: EntropicLqd wrote an excellent thing about parenthood, it's definitely worth a read, and no one gave a hoot that it was off topic. I agree, it's the point of personal pages, if we're on a byte-saving policy or something then I could see it but I I'm not aware of that being an issue.

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