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UT2003 :: Actor >> Projectile (Package: Engine)

This class represents actors that are fired or launched as indepentant entities, as opposed to instantfire weapons. A delayed-hit projectile that moves around for some time after it is created.


All of these properties are hidden.


float Speed 
Initial speed of projectile.
float MaxSpeed 
Limit on speed of projectile (0 means no limit)
float TossZ 
Actor ZeroCollider 
bool bSwitchToZeroCollision 
If collisionextent nonzero, and hit actor with bBlockNonZeroExtents=0, switch to zero extent collision
bool bNoFX 
Used to prevent effects when projectiles are destroyed (see LimitationVolume)
bool bReadyToSplash 
bool bSpecialCalcView 
Use the projectile's SpecialCalcView function instead of letting the playercontroller handle the camera


float Damage 
float DamageRadius 
float MomentumTransfer 
Momentum magnitude imparted by impacting projectile.
class<DamageType> MyDamageType 

Sound Effects[edit]

sound SpawnSound 
Sound made when projectile is spawned.
sound ImpactSound 
Sound made when projectile hits something.

Explosion Effects[edit]

class<Projector> ExplosionDecal 
float ExploWallOut 
Distance to move explosions out from wall
Controller InstigatorController 
Actor LastTouched 
Actor HurtWall 
float MaxEffectDistance 
bool bScriptPostRender 
If true, PostRender2D() gets called.



Explode( vector HitLocation, vector HitNormal ) (simulated) 
Calls Destroy().


PostRender2D( Canvas C, float ScreenLocX, float ScreenLocY ) (simulated) 
Called if bScriptPostRender is true.

Known Subclasses[edit]

  +- BioGlob
  +- FlakChunk
  +- Grenade
  +- LinkProjectile
  +- RedeemerProjectile
  +- RocketProj
  |    +- SeekingRocketProj
  |         +- BulldogRocket
  +- ShockProjectile
  +- SpawnerProjectile
  +- TranslocatorBeacon
  |    +- TransBeacon
  |        +- BlueBeacon
  |        +- RedBeacon
  +- Flakshell

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