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UT2004 :: Object >> Actor >> ProjectileSpawner

This Actor spawns Projectiles in a random interval that can damage Pawns. Triggering this Actor will cause it to spawn a single Projectile.


ProjectileSpawner Group[edit]

float Damage 
The damage that a Pawn receives when he touches a spawned Projectile.

This seems to be the amount for the case that the Pawn is in the center of the DamageRadius, so the real damage is usually lower, depending on the HitLocation and resistance to certain DamageTypes. -Crusha

float DamageRadius 
The maximum distance in Unreal Units in which the Pawn is still receiving damage.
class<DamageType> DamageType 
The DamageType that is used for dealing the Damage.
class<xEmitter> ExplosionEmitter 
The Effect that is used when the Projectile hits an obstacle.
Sound ExplosionSound 
This is supposed to be a sound that is played when the Projectile hits something, but this function is missing in the code.
bool GravityAffected 
The Projectile's PhysicsType is set to PHYS_Falling.
float ProjectileLifeSpan 
How long the Projectile exists before it disappears. A LifeSpan value of 2 = 1 second in the game. If you don't set this to something greater than 0, the Projectile will use it's default LifeSpan (30).
Mesh ProjectileMesh 
The SkeletalMesh that is used as Projectile.

Is it possible to use a StaticMesh somehow? -Crusha

float ProjectileMeshScale 
The Mesh is scaled by this value.
float ProjectileSpeed 
The speed of the Projectile in Unreal Units per second.
float RandomStartDelay 
This is used to delay the initial spawning of Projectiles. The spawning begins after this much time in seconds has passed: SpawnRateMin + a random value between 0 and RandomStartDelay.
float SpawnRateMax 
The maximum frequency of spawned Projectiles. One Projectile is spawned every 1/(random value between SpawnRateMin and SpawnRateMax) seconds. I.e. if SpawnRateMin and SpawnRateMax are both set to 0.5, one Projectile will be spawned every 1/0.5 (=2) seconds.
float SpawnRateMin 
The minimum frequency of spawned Projectiles. If this isn't greater than 0, no Projectiles will be spawned automatically, so you can use the Trigger-functionality of this Actor.
Sound SpawnSound 
The sound that is played every time when a Projectile is spawned.
class<xEmitter> TrailEmitter 
The effect that is attached to the spawned Projectile and that will follow it like a trail.