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Legacy:Proximity Doors

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This is a brief tutorial on how to make doors that will activate when a player approaches.

Setting the mover[edit]

  • First, create a mover with the static mesh you choose.
  • Once the mover is created and placed where you want it in the closed position, right click it and select Mover -> Key 1
  • Now move the door to where you want it in the open position. This may be in a wall, ceiling, or floor, to be out of the way.
  • Right click the mover and open its properties. Select the mover section, and change properties, such as move time, etc.
  • Select the object section of the properties, and change the mover type to TriggerControl
  • Go to the event section and change the Tag property to what you choose. For this example, just set it to Door1. Make sure that this tag is not the same as any other mover in your level, or else that mover will move as well.

Creating the trigger[edit]

  • Add an Actor >> Triggers >>Trigger near your door.
  • Open the trigger properties and go to the Collision section, and set the collision height and radius to what you choose. When a player enters this area, the door will be opened. First, move the trigger to the middle of your door. Enable Viewport Caption Context Menu -> Actors -> Radius View. This will let you see this collision cylinder of the trigger when it is selected.
  • Once the collision is properly set, then go to the event section and change the Event tag to match the tag of the mover. In this case, set it to Door1.

Testing and Tweaking[edit]

  • Rebuild all and playtest your level. You should see that when you approach the door, it will open, and when you back away, it will close.
  • Play with the move time on the door to change how fast it will move.
  • This method can be used to create proximity doors with multiple movers. Simply set the movers with their respective keys, then make both of their tags the same. Then change the trigger's event tag to match them. Now, when you approach, both parts of the door will open.

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