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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Info (UT) >> Mutator (UT) >> Relic >> RelicRedemption (Package: Relics)
UT :: Actor (UT) >> Inventory (UT) >> Pickup (UT) >> TournamentPickup >> RelicInventory >> RelicRedemptionInventory (Package: Relics)

Relic of Redemption[edit]

This relic is shaped like a spiked disc, ala "chaos." If you take fatal damage while carrying this you will be randomly moved somewhere in the level, your health will be restored and you will still have your inventory. Its like a second chance.


The implementation of this feature could have been completely different to achieve the very same effect in a more reliable way:

The RelicRedemptionInventory class uses the PrioritizeArmor function (inherited from Inventory (UT)) to detect possibly fatal damage. However, it checks the damage before any armor or Mutator (UT) (MutatorTakeDamage function) reduced modified it. This could lead to unneccessary redemption (armor reduced damage enough to survive the hit) or a mutator increases the damage to a higher value than the critical damage and the player dies with the relic that should have saved him.

A better implementation would have been the Mutator.PreventDeath function which is executed only if the player is about to die.