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UT2003 :: Actor >> Brush >> Volume >> SnipingVolume (Package: UnrealGame)

A SnipingVolume is a type of Volume which is used in conjunction with UnrealScriptedSequences to tell a bot to snipe at enemies from a distance. This defines the area to snipe to, the UnrealScriptedSequence defines the point to snipe from.

Any UnrealScriptedSequences which have their bSniping property set to True and whose SnipingVolumeTag matches this volume's Tag will instruct a Bot using that script to try to shoot at any opponent who enters this volume.

In UT, a DistanceViewTrigger was used.


This property is hidden.

UnrealScriptedSequence SnipingPoints[16]
An internal list of all the UnrealScriptedSequences which refer to this SnipingVolume.


AddDefensePoint( UnrealScriptedSequence S )
Add a defense point script to our list of associated scripts (called by UnrealScriptedSequence to register itself with this volume).


Touch( Actor Other ) 
For any bots using any of the UnrealScriptedSequences associated with this SnipingVolume, set the touching pawn to be their current enemy.

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