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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Triggers (UT) >> DistanceViewTrigger (Package: Botpack)

The DistanceViewTrigger actor is useful for making Bot (UT)s shoot an enemy when they see them in specific locations. They should be linked to a Trigger or TeamTrigger placed where the enemy will appear. When the DVT is triggered, any bot within its radius will start shooting at the person who activated the trigger.

In UT200x, use a SnipingVolume with an UnrealScriptedSequence.

Most DVTs are placed on top of DefensePoints and are usually used in cases where the designer wants the bot to shoot at an enemy very far away, such as a sniper spot. A good example of DVTs can be seen in UT's CTF-Face. The DefensePoints at the top of the towers have DVTs near them that are paired to Triggers across the map near the enemy base entrance. Each DefensePoint is also paired to a TeamTrigger located on the opposing team's sniper tower, so that snipers from opposite teams will try to shoot one another. However, there seems to be an error in the way this is set up in CTF-Face; both TeamTriggers belong to the same team! See the TeamTrigger page for instructions on getting this right.

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