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UT2003 :: Object >> Actor >> Keypoint >> AIScript >> ScriptedSequence >> UnrealScriptedSequence

The UnrealScriptedSequence is an sequence of actions that either are performed by a ScriptedController (such asBot) or affect the map environment or human players.

  • By default an UnrealScriptedSequence actor is set up for use as a DefensePoint. You can assign it to a GameObjective by setting the GameObjective's DefenseScriptTags property to match the UnrealScriptedSequence actors' Tag.
  • UnrealScriptedSequence actors that aren't assigned to a GameObjective are used by bots sent on freelance.
  • See ScriptedTrigger to put stand-alone scripts in your maps.



bool bSniping 
Bot should snipe when using this scripted sequence as a defense point.
bool bDontChangeScripts 
Bot should return to this defense script after being interrupted, rather than possibly changing to another compatible script.
bool bRoamingScript 
Bots won’t re-use the same script, but will keep moving.
bool bNotInVehicle 
Bot should not attempt to use this script while in a vehicle
byte Priority 
Used to prioritize selection of script when several compatible scripts are available.
name EnemyAcquisitionScriptTag 
Tag of script that bot will use after leaving this script and acquiring an enemy.
float EnemyAcquisitionScriptProbability 
Likelihood that bot will use the acquisition script.
name SnipingVolumeTag 
An area defined by volume in which to look for (distant) sniping targets (use only if needed).
array<Weapon> WeaponPreference 
Bots using this defense point will preferentially use this weapon.


UnrealScriptedSequence EnemyAcquisitionScript 
Controller CurrentUser 
UnrealScriptedSequence NextScript 
list of scripts with same tag
bool bFirstScript 
first script in list of scripts
bool bFreelance 
true if not claimed by any game objective
bool bAvoid 
bool bDisabled 
float NumChecked 



bool HigherPriorityThan(UnrealScriptedSequence S, Bot B) 
returns true if the given UnrealScriptedSequence S has a higher priority

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