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UT2003 :: Object >> Actor >> Keypoint >> AIScript

Used by Level Designers to specify special AI scripts for pawns placed in a level, and to change which type of AI controller to use for a pawn. AIScripts can be shared by one or many pawns. Game specific subclasses of AIScript will have editable properties defining game specific behavior and AI. This is the base class for ScriptedSequence.



class<AIController> ControllerClass 


bool bNavigate 
If true, put an associated path in the navigation network
bool bLoggingEnabled 
AIMarker myMarker 
The NavigationPoint created when bot paths are built



SpawnControllerFor(Pawn P) 
Spawn and initialize an AI Controller (called by a non-player controlled Pawn at level startup) This sets the Controller.MyScript property and calls Controller.Possess
Returns the myMarker property as an Actor

Known Subclasses[edit]

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