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Legacy:Static Mesh Package/AbaddonHardware

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Pivot fixes:

  • StaticMesh'AbaddonHardware.Beams.SupTopBeam01BA' – ( -3, 0, 0 )

Sample Images[edit]


Tarquin: Hi ip68-14-23-41.ri.ri.cox.net. Plase slow down with the screenshot uploads. I'm not certain that a full list of images is worth the effort you've gone to. Please could you introduce yourself and tell us about what you're hoping to achieve here on Unreal Wiki? :)

ip68-14-23-41.ri.ri.cox.net Mapper friend of mine was complaining that it was hard to go though the static mesh packages fast to find something, so I grabed a bunch of shots for him, then figured I should share. I'll stop if you'd like.

Thundercat: Have a look at the Smesh list thread on 3dbuzz.com http://sv3.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=65201 I've been working on a web based lookup with Static mesh pictures, if you want to put your pics on my site to be included in the db that'd be cool. Email me: Thundercat@nerd-files.com

Tarquin: For Unreal Wiki, I'd rather we had something that went the other way: lists classified by type, like for example a list of pillars, or curved walkways, and where to find them: Static Mesh Package/Index

"Anon" : great page , i want more mesh pages like it

VoodooC: I love this too, if there's a better resource for browsing this stuff, please link to it from somewhere?