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UT2003 :: Object >> Material >> Modifier >> TexModifier >> TexEnvMap (Package: Engine)

A TexEnvMap is used to create environment maps from e.g. Cubemaps.


ETexEnvMapType EnvMapType 

Inherited from TexModifier[edit]

ETexCoordCount TexCoordCount 
bool TexCoordProjected 

Inherited from Modifier[edit]

Material Material (editinlineuse) 
The material to use for the environment map.From IR




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From #unrealed at (i.e. Category:Legacy Refactor Me)

[12:53:29] <@CaSC|Sleepzorzin> an eviromental map is basicly a steady cube map, a sky box is good example off a enviromental texture (if you would remove the sky box and have it just as a texture)

[12:53:54] <@CaSC|Sleepzorzin> the 3d and 4d coord have something to do with how the texture is displayed

[12:55:19] <@CaSC|Sleepzorzin> projected textures basicly make the texture projected on the model rather then just having it as a texture, this can solve some lighting problems on player models or meshes

[12:56:33] <Wormbo> I can see a difference between 2D and 3D/4D but none between 3D and 4D

[12:56:42] <@CaSC|Sleepzorzin> the difference between the 3d and 4d is that the 3D actualy uses the cube and rotates it acording, the 4D does this is a bit different way

[12:56:51] <@CaSC|Sleepzorzin> lil hard to explain, best way is to see for your self


[12:58:45] <@CaSCaDe> the 4d Coords are required if you would want yo use cellshaders

[12:59:16] <@CaSCaDe> 4d projected texture

[12:59:27] <@CaSCaDe> ill give you an exemple

[12:59:30] <@CaSCaDe> hold on

[12:59:53] <@CaSCaDe>

[13:00:07] <@CaSCaDe> in ued it will look like that no mater what you selected

[13:00:11] <@CaSCaDe> (3d or 4d)

[13:00:19] <@CaSCaDe> but ingame it will fuxxorz them up

[13:00:37] <@CaSCaDe> << this is what you get when you do it properly

[13:00:48] <@CaSCaDe> i dont have a pic off a wrong one, soz

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