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Actor >> TriggeredZonePropertyChanger

This class allows some properties of a zone to be changed when a trigger is fired. The properties that can be changed include the texture panning, zone gravity and friction, and zone lighting. It should be noted that not all combinatins of attributes supported by this class have been tested.


The TriggeredZonePropertyChanger class is distributed in the zip file below as a piece of UnrealScript and a compiled .u file. An example map (that requires the .u file to run) is also contained within the zip file. The class should be embedded directly within your map. See Embedding Code for details on how to get the actor into your own maps.

Alternatively, you can view the code and paste it directly into UnrealEd.

Created by EntropicLqd by request of Pitboy, who wanted to toggle the direction of an escalator (or something similar).


In order to make use of this class you will need three things on your map. A trigger, A TriggeredZonePropertyChanger, and a ZoneInfo (or one of it's subclasses). The Trigger's Event property should be copied into the TriggeredZonePropertyChanger's Tag property. This will ensure that the zone property changer is called when the trigger fires. The TriggeredZonePropertyChanger's TargetZoneTag must match the Tag name of the ZoneInfo object whose properties it will change when fired.

Please note that the TriggeredZonePropertyChanger makes a one way assignment of values to the target ZoneInfo. If you wish to toggle a zone's behaviour (turn gravity on and off for example) then you will need two TriggeredZonePropertyChanger objects on your map triggered by in a Round Robin fashion or by different events.

The Zone properties that can be changed by this class are listed below.

  • ZoneData: Gravity, Velocity, Ground friction, Fluid friction, Terminal velocity, Player event, Damager per second, Damage type, Damage string, Zone name.
  • ZoneFlags: Neutral zone, Gravity zone, Pain zone, Destructive, No inventory, Move projectiles, Bounce velocity.
  • ZoneLight: Ambient brightness hue and saturation, Fog colour and distance, Texture U and V pan speed, View flash, View fog.

Not all attribute settings (or combinations thereof) have been tested to ensure that they do work.

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