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Legacy:Third-Party Components

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This page is a list of cool stuff made by mappers and coders that you can add to maps. For a complete list of Custom Component Classes, see the reverse indexes:

See also Application for external programs that work with UnrealEd.

The components listed below may be distributed as:

  • Compiled files. You can re-distribute them with your map, or you can import the classes you need: see Embedding Code.
  • Classes embedded in a map file.
  • Text scripts which you have to paste into a map yourself (see Create A Subclass).


  • CustomRoundRobin – Simple round robin script that can be used by coders and mappers.
  • PawnFactory – A generic factory for spawning pawns. The pawns need to be a sub-class of AnotherPawn.
  • RandomTrigger – Trigger a random event from an event list of any size.
  • ReloadableWeapons – Pretty simple reloadable weapon code... for shotguns or AssaultRifles.
  • RotationalTriggering – Trigger the next event out of a sequential series of events.
  • ScoreAwardTrigger – Add points to a player's score when triggered.
  • TeamVehicleFactory – Allows spawning of nearly any vehicle class in games that support vehicles. Allows mapper to set team, pre and post spawning events, spawn timing, random vehicle spawning, and more.
  • VariableTimedMover – Allows variable timing with any number of keys and all InitialStates


Work in progress[edit]


  • CameraSpot – Duke Nukem-like external cameras.
  • CamperZone – Actually an ANTI-camper zone (meanie!) ;)
  • DelayedTeleporter – A Teleporter that automatically disables itself for some time after a player came through.
  • DistanceSpriteDecoration – Mesh decoration that is displayed as a sprite when viewed from a distance.
  • DuckingZone – Players that duck in that zone actually become smaller and can crouch through tunnels.
  • FireFly – Glowing points flying around in random circles.
  • HeroStatue – Dynamic decoration showing the best player in the game.
  • Jumpzone – Players are all equipped with non-draining jumpboots whilst in this zone
  • MultiSkyBox – Makes multiple skyboxes possible. (compiled)
  • PlayerMovementZone – Change the player's movement attributes within a zone.
  • PrecipitationGenerator – Creates rain/snow-like effects. (compiled)
  • Screen – Displays web pages, player positions and more on dynamic textures. (compiled)
  • TriggeredZonePropertyChanger – Change a zone's properties from a trigger.
  • Unreal Movie Studio – Create movies and cutscenes using UT
  • YawTeleporter
  • SpecialControlCannon –A user-controllable gun emplacement.
  • RJumpPad - jump pad for classic Unreal Tournament'99. By defining jump target, actor calculates jump velocity.

Fixes For UT Classes[edit]

Subclasses that fix or add to Epic classes. These are usually found on the class page itself:

Related Topics[edit]



Suggest ideas for new custom classes below. Create a page for them once there is code written.

  • Push / Pull trigger: In UT there is no other way to set gravity or friction along other zone specific settings without setting it for the whole zone with a zone info actor. I was thinking about the possibility of having a special trigger that allows some of those properties, like gravity, to affect players withing the trigger radius. (0 Kelvin)
  • Super Trigger: I'd love to see a trigger that comes with all possible conditions and settings all in one, that would make mapping for specific gametypes much easier.
  • 2D.Cube: I'm making a prison-style CTF map and I was wondering if there was a CameraSpot type component that can be applied to textures so you can monitor more than one area without having to lose you're first person view. If anyone can help, I would appriciate it very much.

Tarquin: it's been said somewhere that the MultiSkyBox component could be used for this. not sure how though.

Wormbo: You could wait till UT2k3, there the DrawPortal function seems to be available not only for the Canvas, but also for ScriptedTextures. In UT it's not really possible though.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: That is possible! Im currently creating a test map.

Sobiwan: How is this different than Category:Legacy Custom Class?

Tarquin: Some of the above are a set of classes rather than a single one. But you're right, there is an annoying overlap here. This is an area I've been avoiding because I don't know how best to clean it up :(. There are arguments in favour of a forward index for these: the name alone of a custom class is not always enough to tell someone what it does.

Sobiwan: Considering that most of what is on this page is an index of custom classes and the Category Custom Class (CCC) can have page text as well as the reverse index, I dont see any reason why we wouldnt move this text to CCC and tag the pages from this page's link as CCC. The only thing we would miss on CCC is a description of each link like we have here. Maybe we could twist Mych's arm to alter the reverse index code to show a brief description on the CCC from the tagged paged:

[[Category Custom Class | Attaches actors to movers including pitch/roll movement.]]

would result in this on the CCC:

563 entries found:[edit]

ActorAttacher Attaches actors to movers including pitch/roll movement.

Tarquin: Actually, it's my arm you'd need to twist. Mych is busy and that piece of code is mine. Interesting idea, but a real pain to implement. The "magic content" thing – and in fact the whole "reverse index" concept just piggybacks on the simple fact that clicking the title of a page searches for the name.