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UWindowBase >> UWindowWindow >> UWindowClientWindow >> UWindowDialogClientWindow

Dialog window which can receive events from controls, and draws a background.

Subclass from UWindowPageWindow instead if you want to use the client window inside a UWindowPageControl.


float DesiredWidth, DesiredHeight 
Set this to the size you want this clientwindow to be. Used by UWindowScrollingDialogClient to calculate the scrollbar size.
UWindowDialogControl TabLast 
Last added control.


OKPressed ( ) 
Notify (UWindowDialogControl C, byte E) 
Called when something happends to a control (changed, clicked, etc..). C is the control. E holds the value of a DE_* const defined in UWindowWindow, wich tells what happend to the control.
UWindowDialogControl CreateControl (class<UWindowDialogControl> ControlClass, float X, float Y, float W, float H, optional UWindowWindow OwnerWindow) 
Use this instead of CreateWindow to add a control, Else Notify won't get called for this control.
GetDesiredDimensions (out float W, out float H) 
Gives the values of DesiredWidth and DesiredHeight.

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